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My latest 80, Nalvizakhan
damon gamer
This is for my newest 80, my death knight Nalvizakhan. I'm stationed on Khaz Modan atm and loving it. :D

tauren bear rug
As you can see by looking down this used to be a Quake community. But since I have quit playing Quake, and it has pretty much, long since, died out. I decided to revitalize it as a World of Warcraft community. No really. There are several good communities out there for WoW and I just wanted to pluck in my 2 cents. Welcome to the new era. :D GL & HF!

TDM Madness
red hair day
{Rx}Team 1 for TDM had our latest match on Thursday night. We played against some of my OCI clanmates, Mad_Milo and skraggy. I think we did pretty good. First map was jaxdm8 - Iron and Stone and the second map was geit3dm6 - Black Shining Leather.

Last iCTF match for me and OCI
red hair day
I played my last match with OCI on Friday night. I will still be in OCI, but it's more of a social clan anyway. I have decided on joining EKM for the Got Rail? 3 Season. I hope I do well. Here are the screenshots of our final HURRAAH!

EKM vs T4E
EKM lost to T4E when yours truly was on his Kane walking the land like in Kung Fu vacation earlier this year. They lost and I wanted to help get this one back for EKM now that I had a chance to play in the rematch. The first map we played on was one of the "X" maps. I atually like the map, Gooch, requ13m and myself took some time earlier in the afternoon to run through it and try to forge a strategy, but to no avail... T4E played it smart, and like an iCTF clan should by boosting each other through the large middle area and they beat us bad 7-2.

The next map everyone seemed to be worried about. T4E spanked EKM on this map pretty hard and everyone remembered it. Finnegans Revenge. This is one of my FAVORITE maps, and I knew we were going to win. EKM's style has always been fierce play in the center of the map, and that's exactly what it boiled down to... and just like in the past, NOBODY beats EKM in the middle baby! The game was back and forth and extemely well played by both sides, after trading cap's to a 3-3 tie, T4E went up 5-3 on two straight caps, but EKM stormed back with 4 straight to take the map 7-5.

Everyone was excited because now the match was even at 1 game a piece and the tiebreaker was City Crossings. I think we all kind of knew this was our map. iCTF teams don't play it and don't know it, and just like we were at a disadvantage on the first map, T4E really had no flow on this map. We capped in the 1st minute and continued to cap throughout. EKM played perfect teamwork on the map, it was beautiful. Spectra had lice, we won 10-1, and we all danced around our computers like T4K at a pride parade.

It's starting to come together. :)

Got Rail match, oci vs t4e
red hair day
We WON!! Woot!! Hell ya baby! I am just a tad excited over this one. Our first win for Got Rail. GGZ T4E! Just when I was ready to throw in the towel and give up. Not to mention that I've had a freakin' migraine for 5 days, and my female rat bit me on the motion finger. Grrrr.. My forward/backward hurts like a mofo. Ack! Here's the screenies. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

I left EKM for a bit and joined OCI. I liked the people who played in OCI and thought they had alot of talented players, and with some help and direction, they could really be competitive in q3ctf. After I joined there was a bit of a power struggle and i was removed from the clan. I wont go into details about who was right or wrong, it's all water under the bridge as far as I am concerned, but tonight was the big "vengance" game for me... I finally get to play against my former team. I must admit, i really wasn't all that up for it, most of the players they field now weren't even playing when I was in OCI, so when I saw there names I felt nothing.... now skraggy did play, and he hates me so that got my blood pumping a bit... but other than that, I actually like and respect Rroff, so i had no real motivation going in other than the normal morivation which is to win and help EKM get back to being a great q3ctf team.

We tried some new things with the lineup tonight. Twisted played primary offense and boy did he kick ass. This makes 2 great matches in a row for EKM.

Game 1 was on Spider Crossings, a map I can't stand. I played flag defense and being on a server in Chicago really threw my aim off quite a bit. I did pitch a shutout though and we won the game 5-0.

The second game I switched off with Requiem and played high/middle defense. I went on offense in the last minute to get my big vengance cap and got the final cap for our team, EKM won 14-2.

I've played better games as an individual player, but I don't think EKM has played this well as a team for quite some time. It's fun to watch everyone grow and get better.

OCI played really well and the scores dont represent how well they played as a team. They have come along way and I think they will continue to get better. I wish sometimes things could have been different over there... but everything happens for a reason I guess, I am back with EKM where I belong, and in a way still doing what I wanted to do with OCI by contributing to a team that is growing and learning.

Eternal Killing Machine
EKM used to be great...

At one time they held the #1 rung on OGL and were a perenial favorite in BICTF. Since the "glory days" they have fallen from greatness, and now struggle to win more often than not. I was an original member of EKM... along with RuCK, [*VEGA*], OpiX, and [*SP3C7R4*] so it's hard to see what has happened to this team that was built to take on the world and beat it. Gone now are all of the obove, save for spectra and myself, and the others have been replaced with a group of players who might not be as skilled, but who are truly a great bunch of guys with alot of heart and class. It's frustrating to lose... but this team loses together... no one blames anyone else, everyone absorbs the responsibility. It's a true team. No one avoids playing because they know they are going to lose, they play and try their hardest to help EKM win... and the wins when they come are very sweet. Tonight EKM played a GotRail match against clan T4E. Everyone stuck together through a tough 1st game. The server was based in Chicago and was kind of jinky for everyone. T4E played tough defense, I sscored the first cap and Gooch pulled out the winning cap and we held on to win 2-1.

The next game we got to play on a Speakeasy server based in Washington D.C. MUCH better connections for everyone. I started off playing the middle zone but saw pretty quickly that I was going to see alot of time on both offense and defense. I shifted to offense early and scored our first cap, after that we kind of turned it up a notch and played old fashoined EKM ctf... hard and fast and relentless. It was beautiful and it felt like old times, Spectra was even laughing and having a good time. Everyone got in on the action with Gooch scoring 4 caps, Twizted scoring 3 and myself scoring 3 caps and 22 flag defends on defense. Requiem played great base defense and held T4E to 1 cap and we won the game 12-1.

THAT'S how we play ctf in EKM!

AHEM! Yours truly with 83 kills, 3 caps, 22 defends, 2 assists and 2 returns... but i'm not bragging. ;)


I think it's time for bed.

I love that railgun
So EKM scrimmed this evening with Stalk and Kill, a elite-level clan that plays in the CTFX league. Of course, we got our asses handed to us, which was to be expeceted, and I remember looking at the topshots list after it was over, and someone from their side led in accuracy on every weapon. Expect one.

Too bad I sucked ass with every other weapon. Heh.

Now, if I could just stay in the upper 40's (or higher) ALL the time...w00t

A little of this, and a little of that
The other day, I put on my shiny new EKM tags for the first time, and went hunting for a little iCTF action. Two shots here:

This was finally called off after 25 minutes with no one scoring. Too many people for that map.

Didn't win, and wanted higher accuracy, but I think I did the tags justice the 1st time out.

Played my first OGL insta 1v1 in a while last night. No problems here at all.

He did better here, but I pulled away in the last few minutes to win the match 2-0.

Waaay out of my league in this pickup game, though I railed pretty well.


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