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Eternal Killing Machine
sc4ry wrote in bitterland
EKM used to be great...

At one time they held the #1 rung on OGL and were a perenial favorite in BICTF. Since the "glory days" they have fallen from greatness, and now struggle to win more often than not. I was an original member of EKM... along with RuCK, [*VEGA*], OpiX, and [*SP3C7R4*] so it's hard to see what has happened to this team that was built to take on the world and beat it. Gone now are all of the obove, save for spectra and myself, and the others have been replaced with a group of players who might not be as skilled, but who are truly a great bunch of guys with alot of heart and class. It's frustrating to lose... but this team loses together... no one blames anyone else, everyone absorbs the responsibility. It's a true team. No one avoids playing because they know they are going to lose, they play and try their hardest to help EKM win... and the wins when they come are very sweet. Tonight EKM played a GotRail match against clan T4E. Everyone stuck together through a tough 1st game. The server was based in Chicago and was kind of jinky for everyone. T4E played tough defense, I sscored the first cap and Gooch pulled out the winning cap and we held on to win 2-1.

The next game we got to play on a Speakeasy server based in Washington D.C. MUCH better connections for everyone. I started off playing the middle zone but saw pretty quickly that I was going to see alot of time on both offense and defense. I shifted to offense early and scored our first cap, after that we kind of turned it up a notch and played old fashoined EKM ctf... hard and fast and relentless. It was beautiful and it felt like old times, Spectra was even laughing and having a good time. Everyone got in on the action with Gooch scoring 4 caps, Twizted scoring 3 and myself scoring 3 caps and 22 flag defends on defense. Requiem played great base defense and held T4E to 1 cap and we won the game 12-1.

THAT'S how we play ctf in EKM!

AHEM! Yours truly with 83 kills, 3 caps, 22 defends, 2 assists and 2 returns... but i'm not bragging. ;)


I think it's time for bed.


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