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sc4ry wrote in bitterland
I left EKM for a bit and joined OCI. I liked the people who played in OCI and thought they had alot of talented players, and with some help and direction, they could really be competitive in q3ctf. After I joined there was a bit of a power struggle and i was removed from the clan. I wont go into details about who was right or wrong, it's all water under the bridge as far as I am concerned, but tonight was the big "vengance" game for me... I finally get to play against my former team. I must admit, i really wasn't all that up for it, most of the players they field now weren't even playing when I was in OCI, so when I saw there names I felt nothing.... now skraggy did play, and he hates me so that got my blood pumping a bit... but other than that, I actually like and respect Rroff, so i had no real motivation going in other than the normal morivation which is to win and help EKM get back to being a great q3ctf team.

We tried some new things with the lineup tonight. Twisted played primary offense and boy did he kick ass. This makes 2 great matches in a row for EKM.

Game 1 was on Spider Crossings, a map I can't stand. I played flag defense and being on a server in Chicago really threw my aim off quite a bit. I did pitch a shutout though and we won the game 5-0.

The second game I switched off with Requiem and played high/middle defense. I went on offense in the last minute to get my big vengance cap and got the final cap for our team, EKM won 14-2.

I've played better games as an individual player, but I don't think EKM has played this well as a team for quite some time. It's fun to watch everyone grow and get better.

OCI played really well and the scores dont represent how well they played as a team. They have come along way and I think they will continue to get better. I wish sometimes things could have been different over there... but everything happens for a reason I guess, I am back with EKM where I belong, and in a way still doing what I wanted to do with OCI by contributing to a team that is growing and learning.


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