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EKM vs T4E
sc4ry wrote in bitterland
EKM lost to T4E when yours truly was on his Kane walking the land like in Kung Fu vacation earlier this year. They lost and I wanted to help get this one back for EKM now that I had a chance to play in the rematch. The first map we played on was one of the "X" maps. I atually like the map, Gooch, requ13m and myself took some time earlier in the afternoon to run through it and try to forge a strategy, but to no avail... T4E played it smart, and like an iCTF clan should by boosting each other through the large middle area and they beat us bad 7-2.

The next map everyone seemed to be worried about. T4E spanked EKM on this map pretty hard and everyone remembered it. Finnegans Revenge. This is one of my FAVORITE maps, and I knew we were going to win. EKM's style has always been fierce play in the center of the map, and that's exactly what it boiled down to... and just like in the past, NOBODY beats EKM in the middle baby! The game was back and forth and extemely well played by both sides, after trading cap's to a 3-3 tie, T4E went up 5-3 on two straight caps, but EKM stormed back with 4 straight to take the map 7-5.

Everyone was excited because now the match was even at 1 game a piece and the tiebreaker was City Crossings. I think we all kind of knew this was our map. iCTF teams don't play it and don't know it, and just like we were at a disadvantage on the first map, T4E really had no flow on this map. We capped in the 1st minute and continued to cap throughout. EKM played perfect teamwork on the map, it was beautiful. Spectra had lice, we won 10-1, and we all danced around our computers like T4K at a pride parade.

It's starting to come together. :)


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